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A smoker drivingWould you like to quit smoking? Well… you should. In today’s day and age, we know for a definite fact that smoking is not good for you or the people around you. But still, millions of people continue or begin smoking. Many begin this highly unhealthy habit in their early teenage years. Why is that? That`s the million dollar question. With all the information and decades of studies, we have today, smoking is still considered normal and at times “cool”.

There is still an impression amongst youth that smoking is cool and associated with “living on the edge” or being social and part of the group. Most people continue smoking because it has a social aspect to it and it is also associated with relaxation. They also continue smoking because they are still in okay health or their health has not become affected a great deal by the habit.

A lot of people continue smoking because they just cannot stop. Even though the smoking habit has affected their health in a great negative way and their life expectancy has become shortened with decades because of a disease caused by their smoking.

On the positive side, we see that adult smoking rates has fallen from 43 percent in 1965 to about 18 percent today. To be able to continue this declining rate, good and correct information is critical. Thousands of young people (under 18) begin smoking each and every day and years later they suffer the consequences.

This website will either motivate you to quit smoking for good or help you to inform someone you care about so they themselves can understand what they are up against if they continue a habit that causes thousands and thousands of people to die prematurely each year.


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CDC Creates 1st Anti-Smoking Ad Citing E-Cigarettes

ABC News - 1 day ago
“It just continues the CDC's several-year quest to mislead smokers into believing that vaper products [including e-cigarettes] may be hazardous to the health of smokers,” said Gregory Conley,...

Ky. Senate harmful to health, economy; killers of smoking ban from sickest region

Lexington Herald Leader - 2 days ago
Compiled by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at www.countyhealthrankings.org/, the rankings make clear that smoking is not...

Health officials favor Nevada bill to ban smoking in cars with children

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 2 days ago
Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle, D-Sparks, works on the Assembly floor at the Legislative Building in Carson City on March 16, 2015. Sprinkle introduced a bill that would prohibit smoking in any vehicles...

Ultrasounds Reveal How Smoking During Pregnancy May Delay an Unborn ...

Health.com - 4 days ago
While all of the fetuses of smoking mothers were born at a healthy weight and age—that is, not prematurely—she believes these images may indicate unseen neurological issues. “They were declared...

Study: Smoking while pregnant can cause early puberty, long-term health ...

WTOP - 3 days ago
WASHINGTON — It's been known for some time that smoking while pregnant can cause a number of health problems for a baby, including low birth weight, asthma, birth defects and sudden infant...

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