The Latest News On Vaping Coupon Codes

In this year, 2017, Vaporfi still packs with several deals on its products. The Vaporfi coupon codes 2017 deals seek to ensure that as a vaping enthusiast, one still saves money that can cover other needs, or buy more e-cigar supplies. Web pages are awash with updates on the products that are on offer, but Vaporfi still has a series of discount that defines pocket-friendliness.

All-time discounts

To start off the list, Vaporfi still maintains its discounts that never expire. It means that vaping remains on a discount all year long. If one is a starter or wants to carry out a replacement of some parts of their vaporizer, then Vaporfi has a 12% discount on all starter kits and hardware. Building an own kit earns a user 12% discount and the same discount applies to the Pro II version of a starter kit. On e-juice, buyers get 1 bottle free for every 3 that they buy. Lastly, a 12% discount on the product “The Edge” is there to stay.

Vaporfi Club

Consumers can get exclusive discount and contests when they join the club. Whenever new e-juice hits the market, the members of the club usually get a chance to critique the product. Notable among the saving methods when one becomes a member is the ability to get an incredible bargain. For example, if members sign up for a monthly $15.99, then they receive 30ml of the newest monthly flavor of propylene glycol and the vegetable glycerin blend.

Blend of the month club

When users become members of the club, they receive a discount on all types of products. There are no contractual agreements between a user and Vaporfi. Every product attracts a 10% discount, and this offer drives the cost of vaping low.

Vaporfi Coupon Codes

Clipping a coupon from a magazine is a sure way of accessing various deals that Vaporfi offers. After getting the print coupon, all a holder does is to visit the Vaporfi or affiliate website, place an order and key in the coupon code. The codes enable a user to save on various products that the coupon indicates.

Rocket Coupons

The coupon translates into cash once a holder presents its code. It becomes possible to buy a favorite Vaporfi product when one is in possession of any coupon codes that the company offers. It all translates into savings when people pay less than the quoted price when they present just a set of codes.

Flavor Enhancers

People do not have to use e-juice that they do not like, regardless of where they bought it from in the market. All they need to do is add Vaporfi flavor enhancers to the e-juice and transform it altogether. This is a money-saving move that enables people to make use of what they have spent.

Home Delivery

Regular vapers only have to sit and wait for the delivery of their favorite flavors. Vaporfi has a plan for automatic shipments that do not have the tedious paperwork for the vaper to sign. All discounts apply to this form of ordering, and all a vaper does is to save time and money. There is no more running out of stock, or hustling to place an order every time the stocks get out.

Point Rewards

Every time vapers shop, they receive reward points that they can use to make an online purchase of Vaporfi products. All that one does is to accumulate points until they hit a 200 mark. The points enable one to make an online purchase worth $20. The other way to earn the points is through social media sharing of purchases, writing a review of any Vaporfi product, or when one is celebrating another birthday.


Arguably, the cost of purchasing e-cigars seems high than buying other related products that serve the same purpose such as cigarettes. However, what critics do not know is the wide range of discounts and offers that an e-cigar user gets when making a purchase. The discounts translate to reduced costs, and they result in a money saving exercise. It means that a vaper saves, but a smoker does not save when making a purchase of his favorite brands. If you have been deceiving yourself about cost matters, it is time to open up your eyes.

Which Electronic Cigarette Is Best?

What is the best electronic cigarette is one persistent question all over the Internet, owing to the extreme popularity of e-cigs which have taken the smoking world by storm since they were first introduced commercially in 2003. Hands down, the award for what is the best electronic cigarette goes to V2. There are two big reasons for the award, which has been bestowed many times to V2 electronic cigarettes by satisfied product reviewers online.

These are the fact that V2 electronic cigarettes are the most widely retailed in the industry and also, that the company has the biggest inventory of e-liquids in the market. These reasons do not guarantee that all models of V2 are of equal prestige or acclaim. On the contrary, some of these brands may be flunkers. But because the firm carries the biggest inventory, the biggest maker of electronic cigarettes just beat all competitors hands down for the top post.

And now for the runners-up of what is the best electronic cigarette. Halo, MigVapor, Juul and Apollo are close competitors for different reasons. For instance, MigVapor is a relative Johnny come lately with a meteoric rise. Juul, on the other hand, has gotten some kind of Twilight-like following owing to the exquisite taste of its e-liquids.

Now what about ECASSOC vaporizer reviews, what do they tell us about the best vaporizers out there? The verdict is out. The top three awardees are Pax 2, Davinci Ascent, and Arizer Solo. Pax 2 simply lords it over the pack by virtue of being the tiniest vaporizer in the industry. This astounding feature counts for a lot since convenience matters big time to users of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers alike.

For the smaller the size, the easier it is to take with you anywhere, say on your 15-minute break from work. And not only that. Pax 2 has also been voted the best for its extreme reliability. For example, some ECASSOC reviews can attest that the product is intuitive when it comes to performing its job and almost never fails to deliver the promise of the vapor that it makes. Such reliability cannot be overemphasized since sometimes, a vaporizer can conk out when least expected–especially when it comes to excessive usage.

It appears that you can wear out most brands, but hardly the Pax 2 vaporizer. It’s the Energizer Bunny of the vaporizer market. The Arizer Solo has a rather quaint way of rising to the top of the heap. It’s slow as in slow and steady wins the race, according to an Aesop fable concerning The Rabbit and the Hare.

For example, Davinci Ascent knocks out Arizer Solo fair and square. But just like Han Solo aboard the Millennium Falcon, Arizer rises to the challenge while taking its sweet time. In fact, ECASSOC reviews swear that even though this Solo takes a full three minutes to cook up its vapor–it’s worth the wait. The late Princess Leia couldn’t have said it any better.

In adjudging electronic cigarettes and vaporizers alike, the major categories for judging whether on ECASSOC reviews or elsewhere seem to be ease of use, price, and durability. Notice that taste doesn’t even come up, not until later into the competition. Durability, however, is way up there even in the electronic cigarettes scheme of things.

It’s important to emphasize, however, the different ways used to pronounce the best of the best in regards to electronic cigarettes and their many product variants. After all, a thousand copycats have sprung from the original invention. Electronic cigarettes reviews, for instance, are mostly based on reviewers working for a company who more often than not confess to being paid commissions to conduct their reviews.

On the other hand, ECASSOC reviews are mostly based on feedback from users. The review platform is kind of similar to the People’s Choice Awards or the Golden Globes. In other words, no critics were harmed nor consulted in the making of the highly influential reviews.

It’s just amazing how the business of electronic cigarettes has grown after such a relatively short time. However, take note that the concept is not new and can date as far back as the 1960s. The big difference, though, is that the early pioneers were not electronic cigarettes in the true sense of the word. Rather, they were more like vaporizers, although much bigger and clunkier.

Another fact worth stressing when it comes to the discussion of what is the best electronic cigarette is the matter of getting discounts or rebates. The reason being that all electronic cigarettes utilize couponing and other promotional strategies and hence they are all even in this respect. Thus, including such a category in the process of selecting what is the best electronic cigarette would be rather like barking up the wrong tree or is it smoking out the wrong wasps?

There is no end in sight as far as the future of electronic cigarettes is concerned. It remains just as bright as ever. That is, despite the fact that it has never been precisely proven that these recreational gadgets really curtail cigarette smoking to a significant extent. However, it is a well-known fact that although vaping electronic cigarettes may contain nicotine–it’s up to the user to say yes or no. One thing for certain is that electronic cigarettes don’t have any tobacco or the combustion chemicals that make tobacco smoking so controversial.

Welcome to the Smoke Free Zone

What do you think of when you hear the term Smoke Free Zone? To us it means something clean and fresh and liberating. That is what we are after here. There are a lot of ways for individuals and groups to join in this now-global effort.  We’re going to be doing our part to promote the effort in the coming pages. It’s definitely the way of the future.